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This blog is simply a collection of picture I like. I'm a 33 year old italian girl, addicted to lingerie, oral sex and giving pleasure. I imagine myself as a modern Zerlina.
You can find me also on Yahoo Messenger, my id is: latuazerlina

    The room is dark, your calm and slow breathing is the only sound I hear. 
Your voice is deep, calm and firm. You are telling me a story with plenty of details, I can almost see what you describe. 
I follow your dry commands. I feel totally under your control, my mind is in your possession, my body is your toy.
I love your more than ever.

    The room is dark, your calm and slow breathing is the only sound I hear.

    Your voice is deep, calm and firm. You are telling me a story with plenty of details, I can almost see what you describe.

    I follow your dry commands. I feel totally under your control, my mind is in your possession, my body is your toy.

    I love your more than ever.

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    I’m in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, I’m running to get ready - Tonight we are going to an important dinner - I’m making up, almost finished.

    You enter the bath: “It’s getting late! We have to go!”
    I keep my eyes in the mirror, finishing my lips with a red lipstick. “MMhhh mMhhh” I reply, without opening my mouth.

    You look at me, from top to bottom. I’m wearing a 3 strand pearl necklace, pearls earrings, a blue evening dress with thin straps, that ends with a wide skirt just under my knees. You come closer, behind me. You start to gently kiss my shoulder, then you move to my neck. I slowly tilt my head to help you moving throu my ear. While you do this, you start the caress my breast and between my legs.

    I moan softly but, then, I try to stop you: “Honey, please, you are ruining my dress…”

    Suddenly you pull me back one step, your knees press against mine, from behind, forcing me to bend them. Them you press me down, putting your hand on my shoulder. I’m forced to fall on my knees. You are so kind to hold me so I don’t hurt myself.

    I’m surprised and upset “Hey!” I scream “What are you doing ??”. But you are already in front of me, with one hand holding my hair and the other tucked into the zipper of your pants.

    I repeat your words “It’s getting late! We have to go!”. But you pull out your cock and start to slap my cheeks with it: “Show me your gratitude for being allowed to touch a cock so wondrous” you command me.

    I’m a totally confused and before I can start thinking about what to say, you continue: “If you don’t worship it properly now, I’ll make you do it tonite, in front of all our friends!”

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    When he arrived I gave him a long kiss and let him sit on a chair. Then I remove my dress and, standing in front of him wearing my brand new lingerie set, I told him the game I had in mind for the night:
"Tonite, I’ll be your special mannequin…""Uh?" He told me a little disoriented"Come with me" And I showed him I’ve prepared all sexy lingerie and dresses I have, aligned on the bed. "Dress me the way you like, tell me why you like what you put on, tell me a story of me dresses like that"

    When he arrived I gave him a long kiss and let him sit on a chair. Then I remove my dress and, standing in front of him wearing my brand new lingerie set, I told him the game I had in mind for the night:

    "Tonite, I’ll be your special mannequin…"
    "Uh?" He told me a little disoriented
    "Come with me" And I showed him I’ve prepared all sexy lingerie and dresses I have, aligned on the bed. "Dress me the way you like, tell me why you like what you put on, tell me a story of me dresses like that"

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    My Maestro teaching me - 4th and last part

    The first part (with e little explanation) of the story is here:

    Maestro.      Maestro slowly and steadily plunged his cock, swollen and
    throbbing, into zerlina’s open mouth, the saliva pouring from her
    mouth as she struggled to take it all.

    Zerlina. I feel the head of your cock sliding inside me slowly but steadily.
    With my head tilted back and the world upsidedown, I’m trying to
    accept and second all your inputs.

    M.      He spoke with her in a growling voice -“That’s my little slut, take
    it all, take all I have to give you, it’s all yours, open for me now,
    zerlina, open your throat and welcome me into you.”

    Z. I remember reading somewhere that to overcome the gag reflex I’ll
    need start moving my throat as if I was swallowing a big gulp of
    bread. So I start thinking beign choked by a big sandwich, and I try
    to swallow this big chunk of meat that if filling my mouth. Your words
    distract me from this ‘problem’ I’m facing, and greatly helps me to
    fight the involuntary reflex of my throat.

    M.      The words, the cock, her unusual position, all made her swoon, She
    wanted to cum from this, and her pussy juices poured from her as
    Maestro reached his fingers deeper into her, making her shake with

    Z. Even more distraction and pleasure comes from your experienced
    hands, running on my body, my tits and teasing my clit and sliding
    inside my wet, excited sex. I find myself encircling my sex with my
    hands, caressign the border of it, adding even more pleasure.

    M.      Suddenly, she could feel her throat open and he plunged deeper, all
    the way into her, his cock head pulsing.

    Z. My body is shaking in pleasure, my mind is fooling myself making my
    trying to swallow a gulp, all senses are stretched by the unusual
    position of my body. The closed eyes, the extreme excitement, your
    voice, your hands and your cock help my imagination run wildly. And
    suddenly I feel like everything is different, something completely new
    happens: I can feel your pubic hairs on my lips, your balls touching
    my nose!

    M.      As he reached all the way in, he stopped and held his cock there.

    Z. I’m immobile, breathless, totally relaxed, excited like never
    before, on the verge of a perfect orgasm. The time expand
    indefinitely, all my senses to the maximum arousement. It’s like when
    you are on top of a roller coaster: you know in five seconds you’ll be
    screaming in terror, but now you enjoy the excitement of the incoming
    frighten. It seems like I can feel all details around and inside me:
    your accellerated earthbeat making your cock pulsate inside me; our
    fingers inside my almost melted sex, working togheter to drive my
    orgasm even higher; our bodies compenetrated and completing each other
    exactly, like puzzle pieces: only you and me among thousands of other

    M.      She thought she might suffocate but she was learning how to breathe
    through her nose while his cock lodged in her throat, and she could
    feel the head edge in and out of the opening, even his balls pushing
    onto her tongue. His fingers worked faster and she lost track of
    everything - her position, his cock, her cunt, the pulsing and
    prodding, all became a haze of sensation. He began to make the sounds
    she loved, the sign that he was ready to deliver the gift she wanted,
    and she moaned around his cock, lifting his pleasure to the next

    Z. Everything start move again, as when the roller coaster starts
    falling down. As I realize what I’ve accomplished I start moaning, my
    pussy completely melting and my orgasm arrive a few seconds later,
    shaking my body with enormous waves of pleasure.

    M.      He pulled out a bit and then thrust again, the full measure of his
    cock inside her throat and ground into her.

    Z. I feel an emptiness when you take your cock out of me, but
    immeditately you push it again inside me and I feel filled and happy,
    giving more strenght to my orgasm.

    M.      Then he started to shake and his sperm began to fill her mouth, the
    warm, luxurious bath of him she longed for. “Take me, suck it now,
    zerlina, suck it all!” His seed was sweet and salty, rich and it
    filled her with glee.

    Z. As soon as I recover myself, I start feeling your cock explode deep
    inside my mouth. You are groaning loudly, your cock completely inside
    my mouth, your sperm going down my throat so that I can’t almost feel
    its taste.

    M.      His fingers moving faster, she came as well, shuddering and her
    legs twitching as she swilled his cum in her mouth. The orgasm was
    sharp and dazzling, her cunt throbbing around his fingers, and she
    disappeared in the haze for, how long, a second? a minute? who knows?

    Z. Your fingers incoherently moving inside me, and the consciousness
    of the new step we have made, causes another sharp and dazzling

    M.      It was all she wanted, except she wanted more, again and again.

    Z. You fall beside me on the bed, and lay there almost motionless. I
    slowly move near you, so that I can embrace you. I’m totally dizzy and
    confused but happy, excited by what we hade done, thankful because you
    teach how to please you in a new, wonderful way.

    M.      Now that she learned a new way to please him, she would add this to
    her repertoire and surprise him one morning when his cock stirred
    before he awoke, and the first thing he would see when he did would be
    her face making his cock disappear completely.

    Z. I’m so excited about my new power, I cannot wait to try again.
    Infact the morning after I wake up, I look at you, sleeping naked
    beside me, your cock hard as usual. I reach it and start make it sink
    into my mouth, deeper and deeper, past the back of my mouth,
    straightaway into my throat that with surprising ease welcome it all.
    You awake, you look at me, my lips touching your pubic hair, my
    languorous eyes lost in yours. You smile and I feel, after all, I’m a
    good girl.

    I hope you liked this little story.


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    My Maestro teaching me - 3rd part

    The first part (with e little explanation) of the story is here:

    Zerlina. I’m exactly where I want to be. Here, on my knees, adoring you, worshiping your cock, playing with your body, giving you all the pleasure I’m able to give, under your watchful eye. You gently invite me to stand up and you tell me “Now, honey, it’s time to reveal you your surprise. It’s time to let you know why I insisted so much for a bed of a precise height.”
    I remember all the arguing we had about the bed, I remember I gave up understanding your unshakable determination about the height of the bed. It is something I’ve almost forgot but, now, your words suprise and excite me.

    Maestro.    He patted her face “Good girl - you please me very much. Now, we will try something special.”

    Z. You take me by the hand and guide me to the bedroom. I look at the bed, trying to understand once more what’s so special in its height but I cannot think of anything.

    M.    He laid her down on the bed, her head hanging a bit off the edge.

    Z. I’m laying on the bed looking at you upside down. This remember me when I was a child and I used to look at my house upside down picturing me walking on the roof. I start laughing, looking at you in this strange way. I laugh even higher when I see your cock fluttering upside down, coming toward me.

    M.    He positioned himself above her, his balls dangling just out of reach of her greedy mouth. She lapped a little at them, unable to resist,

    Z. I stop laughing when the head of your cock touch my lips. I’m traversed to very unusual sensations, seeing everthing from a strange point of view makes me feel strange too. The gravity seems to be inverted and everything falls up and not down. I try to keep contact with your cock, but it pop off in all directions.

    M.    Suddenly his fingers had invaded her cunt again, still wet and juicy from before, and his two fingers slipped inside her and reached for her g-spot. She sighed and forget what she was doing as he dug in.

    Z. While I try to adapt myself to this new strange inverted world, I feel my self invaded by your fingers. I feel you, but I cannot see you since I’m still tilted backward. The only thing I see is your cock in front of me, but too far away to keep contact with my lips. You start to suck my nipples and caress my breast in a way you know makes me melt into pleasure.

    M.    “Only do what I say, my little slut. Right now I will ready your body for me by bringing you to the edge of orgasm. Ride my hand slut, and gaze upon my cock hanging above you.”

    Z. I feel possessed and dominated by you. Your voice is so warm and comfortable, you literally hold my body and soul in your hands. I feel myself opening completely to you.

    M.    As good as his word, he humped her cunt with his hand, and she involuntarily responded, humping her clit against the palm as his two middle fingers sluiced through her, opening her cunt as she heard the sounds like a squishing, her body giving in to his way with it.

    Z. I close my eyes to enhance the feeling of you all over me. When I open it I see you marvelous cock hanging over me, near me, but out of reach. I start to feel a sort of guilt and I blame myself because I cannot reciprocate the pleasure you are giving me. I start to desire your cock in my mouth, your eyes looking at me while I strive my best.

    M.    “Oh Maestro, you make me want to…”

    Z. “…have your overturned cock in my mouth, its head rubbing my tongue instead of my palate, my tongue fondling the uppre part of your cock. I want to explore this capsized world to…” I cannot end the sentence because your cock is already slipped inside my mouth.

    M.    That’s when he pulled his hands from her, and slipped his hard cock into her mouth and began to press deep into her mouth, his balls resting on her lips. “open, my little slut, open for your Maestro, open for this cock you say you dream about.”

    Z. The feeling of your cock in my mouth is totally different. Everything is new, is like you have a brand new sexual apparatus you kept hidden to me until now. I feel like this is the first time I take your cock between my lips. I open my mouth a little more, following your guidance because I imagine you’re definitely more experienced than me. I’m permeated by new sensations and I feel I little lost so I rely on you, deeply trusting you.

    M.    She struggled a little but just as it became too intense, he backed away slightly, continuing to slip in and out of her mouth, giving her time to adjust and telling her how well she was doing. Then he held the thick and fleshy member in slowly, deeply and said again “Open, my flower, I want to feel your throat spasm against my cock head as it passes through you.”

    Z. I’m learning everything from scratch, I’m fully disoriented and the only think I can do is pursue your instructions fully confident on your support.

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    My Maestro teaching me - 2nd part

    M.    As Maestro’s hand continued to massage zerlina’s cunt, she opened like a flower, her juices flowing down her thighs as he thrummed her clit and lips. She gazed into his eyes while sucking his thumb, and he leaned close to her ear and growled to her, “When we are together, all of you, your breasts, your mouth, your cunt, your ass, all belong to me. Yes?” She nodded a few short times, her eyes still open but closing from the weakness in her knees brought on by his fingers. 

    Z. I was melting, your fingers were marvelously stroking me, pushing softly my slit when entering and pulling from inside when coming out. I was slowly sucking your thumb, anticipating the smelly taste of your cock confined in your trousers all day long. You spoke to me, your voice had something hypnotic, the only thing I was able to do was nodding, taking your words as the simple truth.

    M.    Suddenly, he released her and she slid to the floor, onto her knees.

    Z. In a moment you were out of me, nothing of you was inside me anymore and I felt the urge to fill the empty spaces left by you. My knees were weak and I slowly lowered, sliding against the wall.
    I was on my knees, only a few centimeters apart from you. I waited for this moment since you sent those text message: “Wear sexy as hell, I have a surprise for you.” I cannot stand a second more, so I plunged my face against your cock, feeling it hard through the linen. I slowly unfastened your belt, lowering your zip. With one hand I took out your big scented cock, while the other one was caressing your leg. I placed my lips on the tip of your cock and I slowly start to suck it in my mouth

    M.    “Look at me. Open your eyes and look at me as you suck my cock.”

    Z. Your words came as nothing more the exact thing I was wanting to do. While sucking harder and harder the ehad of the cock, I looked up at you, is search of acceptance.

    M.    She tilted her head back, her eyes sprung open in surprise and heat and stared into his eyes as he narrowed them. “Do what I say, now. Stick your tongue out for me.”

    Z. Still mesmerized by your voice, I execute your command, and move back my head until I reach the wall. Now my tongue emerge from my open mouth, soft and flat, impatiently waiting for your cock.

    M.    She did, and he flipped the tip of his cock, swelling now, onto her waiting tongue, the action making little “thwack” sounds that echoed in her mouth, the vibration making her tongue bounce and bits of saliva fly off her lips. She drooled slightly, and he swiped his cock across her lips to catch it, swiping it back and forth across her lower lip, circling her open mouth.

    Z. I hardly resist the need to touch it and I let you play with my mouth. Hoping you let me encircle my lips around its head again.

    M.    Suddenly he pulled his cock away and jammed his thumb deep into her mouth, caressing the side of her face with the rest of his hand.

    Z. But you have another idea, maybe the surprise you told me. Your thumb is smaller than your cock, but anyway I pretend I’m still sucking your cock, so I continue to passionately kiss it.

    M.    “Here’s something you can suck to your heart’s content while you think about my cock,” he growled. “Close your eyes, now, and suck it.”

    Z. I gladly follow your instructions and I continue to play with your cock placeholder, closing my eyes to help me belive I had the actual cock available.

    M.    She pursed he lips and sucked the digit sliding in and out of her mouth, a simulacrum of his larger, fleshy cock, pulling hard and wondering how much of the real thing she could get in, wanting to swallow it whole, taking the length and thickness into the back of her throat. Could she take the pulpy head, swollen and reddish, all the way in?

    Z. This smaller cock was easy to welcome completely in my mouth, while the real one was too big for me. I know many time you asked my to try to swallow entirely, and many time I’ve tried to fulfill your requests, but with no success. Now I was experiencing the feeling that I could do it and I was overcome by a extremely intense thrill.

    M.    The thoughts made her suck the thumb harder, while his other hand began stroking her breast, teasing the nipples and tweaking them one after the other. She started squeezing her thighs together harder as the longing grew.

    Z. I found myself caressing my body, something I never did before. And this caused me even more excitement.

    M.    He pulled his thumb out of her mouth and it made a “pop” sound. “Good girl – you must keep sucking as the cock slides in and out, so you give the most pleasure – you want to have your mouth flooded with creamy cum, don’t you?”

    Z. “Yes, please, you know I love receive this kind of gifts.”

    M.    She nodded, thinking she wanted to more than anything to have his juice in her mouth, running down her lips and face, longing for the tangy taste of him.

    Z. For the whole afternoon I had imagined your cock filling my mouth with warm waves of cream. And now you were asking me if I wanted it ? That was an easy answer.

    M.    “Take my cock in your hand and suck Maestro’s balls now – wash them clean with your tongue and treat them right.”

    Z. I realized it was easy to follow your guidance, I only needed to wait for your instructions and do them. And this one was also very pleasurable. You know how much I love to lick your balls and play with them, while I slowly stroke your hard cock.

    M.    She did as he said, circling each testicle with the tip of her tongue and then encasing them, first one, then the other, then both, in her warm mouth. She sucked them a little, but must have been a tad too rough, for Maestro pushed her back a little and grabbed her face.

    Z. Sometimes I’m so absorbed by your balls that I forget how delicate they are and you’re forced to remember me. I always feel sorry… I’m supposed to give you pleasure and not pain. So I try to be more gentle and more delicate.

    M.    “Be careful, you little whore. Now stick out your tongue and lick my asshole, and get your tongue in there.

    Z. In other occasions, I continue to lick and suck your balls slowly going under it, until I reach your asshole. I then slap it slowly, making it wet and relaxed, so I can push my tongue inside you. I know you really enjoy this kind of attentions I reserve to you. When I feel you are asking me for more, I slide one finger inside you, touching the last part of your cock deep inside you.

    M.    This she liked – being Maestro’s ass whore. She crawled between his legs as he spread them and gently pushed his balls aside. She licked gently and tickled his anus with the tip of her tongue, as she knew he liked.

    Z. I love when you ask me for more, it makes me feel like I’m adequate, competent, experienced, important to you.

    M.    “That’s a good little girl – make Maestro happy now and really get in there.” Saliva began to flow from her, and she flattened her tongue and lick his asshole like a puppy, licklicklicklick, as his cock bounced and rubbed against her head.

    Z. I like to play with your whole body, without neglecting any details. It makes me feel powerful, it seem to me that I can do everything and you’ll accept it unconditionally. It makes me feel in control, since you only can ask me to do this and that, but I decide what to do and when. I love these circumstances because you feel mighty, you feel like you’re forcing me to your will, you consider me subdued, enslaved by you. I will let you belive this, begging for your cock, looking at you subjugated. But the real truth is that I’m playing with you, I’m loving you, I’m giving all I can to you, to make you feel loved and to give consistency to my passion.


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    My Maestro teaching me - 1st part

    Dear Maestro,
    let’s play the game you started and see where will lead us. I will comment your actions from my point of view, adding details and my thought/feelings, so you can continue to instruct me knowing what comes in my mind. The result will be a number of stories I’ll publish on my blog. I hope you like this game… so let’s start.

    Maestro. You greet me in only a robe, black thigh high stockings and heels,

    Zerlina. I smile at you leaning on the saloon wall. I’m wearing a nice black basque with garters, black stockings and no thong. I’ve put heavy mascara on my eyelashes and a long pearls necklace that sinks between my breasts.

    M.    for me to clutch your hair in my hand and roughly lean your head back while I kissed you hard and long,

    Z. I reciprocate your kisses with passion while I try to withstand you roughness.

    M.    making you suck my tongue

    Z. Your tongue invades my mouth and I gladly suck it and I swirl my tongue around your

    M.    while I slid my fingers along your breast and grasped and twisted your nipple

    Z. I let you feel my excitement coming from your fingers teasing my. But when you squeeze it too strong, I groan and ask you to stop it.

    M.    then into into your cunt, and then caressing your face with my other hand

    Z. Fortunately you listen to my request and move your hand lower, caressing my belly and waist. Your fingers plays with garter belts for a while. But your real target is my furry triangle. Your hand caress it gently and your mid finger slid inside me. You find me already wet and eagerly waiting for your attentions.

    M.    ordering you to suck my thumb while I churned your cunt into a frothy mess…

    Z. I take your hand with both hands and I start to suck your thumb, looking into your eyes with deep passionate glance, while I spread my legs a little to ease your hand movements

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    Your warm hand between my legs, your hard cock pressed against buttocks, your lips kissing my shoulder passionately.

    I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful morning…

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    The return of my man - 2nd part

    The first part is here:

    I woke up when the light were already coming in form the window. I slept for about three hours. I was still in his arms and I looked at him, hoping to find him still sleeping.

    But he was awake and he looked at me with some resentment in his eyes.
    “Everything ok ?” I asked
    "I don’t know" he replied fed-up
    "Sorry honey, I was wanting you so badly…" I told him trying to explain me
    "I’ve noticed" he stopped me
    So, I moved my hand down, and grabbed his cock and I told him “I
    will try to excuse myself by…”
    “Do you think you deserve it ?” he stopped me again a little more angry.
    I was speechless. He never treat me so badly, he was really upset. “Oh… honey… please… I will do my best. I promise.” And here all your suggestions started to pop in my mind. I knew I will probably have to tell him some thing like “I will suck you like never before” But I was too shy for it.
    “You used me… and then you slept” he continued
    "No… I make love with you. And I will do it again now."
    I still had my hand around his cock and I was moving it slowly, make it grow and become harder and harder. So, without saying nothing I went under the sheets and started to suck his cock.
    I kissed, licked, sucked the head, the balls and the shaft. At the beginning he was almost immobile, but then he started to move slowly. I remove the sheets to allow him to watch me and I look at his eyes many times while the head of his cock was in my mouth.

    I wanted to talk, and say dirty things, like you told me. But the only thing I was able to do was making sounds like mmmmmm. I discovered he liked it very much because the vibrations of my mouth were transmitted directly to his cock. So I made different tones and discovered that some of these tones were better than others.

    We continued this game for a long time and I think he really enjoed it until he reached a level so high of excitement that he told me “Now suck it, honey, I’ll cum in your mouth.” And he exploded inside me. I swallowed fast, as quickly as I could, but my mouth was always filled with his orgasm. There was so much of it. I swallowed all of it, tasting it and smelling it, slightly salty and metallic.

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    The return of my man - 1st part

    Last week my boyfriend went on a business trip for three days. I carefully planned to gift him with a nice and hot breakfast the morning after, but nothing went as i  planned. Here’s what happened.

    He returned home around midnight. He was really tired and all he was looking for was a shower and the bed. So I only gave him a welcome home big hug and let him go to sleep. Although I was horny and badly wanted him, I forced myself to keep calm and try to fall asleep near him. It took me so much time to sleep and I had restless sleep.

    Around 5 in the morning I woke up once again and I felt like a cannot resist anymore.  My hand moved over his chest, under the sheet, feeling him big and
    heavy beside me, and he was so smooth. I slid my hand around, over to his chest and down his soft belly and further down to find his cock. It was quite hard, even if he was snoring loudly. I wrapped it in my hand and  started stroking him slowly, coaxing him to wake up.

    "Hey, sleepy." I whispered softly and a moment later he lifted his head, smiling at me, and his cock was growing under my fingers.
    "Hey honey" he mumbled "what time is it ?"
    "Time for a ride!" I told him and moved over him, leading his cock inside me.

    He was not really awake, but I was so horny I cannot wait anylonger. I started moving my pelvis back and forth, making his cock stroke inside me where I need more. After a little while he was completely awake and started to squeeze my ass with his hand while holding my tit with the other hand and sucking my nipple. I started to lose control and my moans got louder and lounder until I came, holding back with difficulty my pleasure cry.

    I then relaxed and fell over him. I was completely pleased and I asked him to embrace me gently. I was with my head on his chest, embraced by him, with no more sexual appetite and I fell asleep almost immediately.

    The second part is here:

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    Alone with his cock

    Today we made a nice game.

    While I was on the phone, he went to the bedroom, hid himself under the sheets, leaving only his cock visible with a written note near it: ‘Your love had to rush to the pub for the soccer match, and he left me to take care of you…’

    I laugh and called him by name, but had no answer. So I pretend I was really alone with his cock and started talking to it and playing with it. It was really funny. I feel like I was free to do everything I wanted.

    I knew perfectly he was under the sheets, but I feel like I was really alone in the room and this turned me on wildly. He’s cock was mine and I did things that never did before…

    Really arousing and imaginative!

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